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May the Strike Force Be With You

Might the Strike Force Be With You

So the title most likely offered you a small little laugh, hence verifying you’re a geek. On to more severe matters.

It’s clear that Dana White and Tom Atencio love to dislike each other. Or dislike that they enjoy each other. Whatever it is, they enjoy to discuss the other individual’s huge company a lot. Thanks to the web, the war of words can be practically quickly published all throughout the web wasteland. You can be sure that Dana and business are keeping a careful eye on the company when Condition makes a relocation. Whether Condition can weather the storm due to the economy, the UFC, and other aspects is yet to be seen, and possibly the Condition Trilogy occasion can provide more insight on the matter. That’s another short article.

There have actually been numerous victims of the terrible world of running a mixed martial arts company. Maybe the most popular failures consist of EliteXC and the IFL, in which enthusiastic business set out to get a piece of that golden custard pie that the UFC is grabbing all of. Yummy. Their errors are blatantly apparent now: EliteXC went all in on Kimbo Slice when they were down to their last couple of chips, and IFL attempted to turn mixed martial arts into the NBA with the entire groups thing. OMG, WTF? Okay, all right of that.

Get In Strike Force, a California-based business that has for one of the most part stayed out of the spotlight, which’s a good idea. Dana White himself has actually applauded Strike Force’s company design and their promo as a whole. Strike Force has actually gradually developed the business with a strong structure, and it’s settling. In the race to see who can compete with the UFC, the winner wasn’t the hare that attempted to blast its method to the goal. Rather, it’s the little man that gradually however gradually got whatever. It’s safe to state that Strike Force is practically set to begin handling the goliath UFC business.

Strike Force is getting numerous things. The business is beginning to “homegrow” a few of their stars, like Cung Le and now Brett Rogers, who TKO ‘d Andrei Arlovski under the Strike Force banner. A comparable formula would be Zuffa’s “The Ultimate Fighter (TUF)” series, where fresh-faces of the UFC develop into first-rate champs (see Forrest Griffin and Rashad Evans). You likewise have individuals like Babalu, Jake Shields, Benji Radach, Robbie Lawler, and Nick Diaz, who use strong competitors without the significant pay day of particular heavyweights that get $800,000 to get completed in 36 seconds. In general, the skill swimming pool is beginning to look extremely appealing, with possible heavyweight matches in between Overeem, Werdum, and Rogers, all terrific fighters. Contribute to that the rematch in between Josh Thomson and Gilbert Melendez, and I’m formally beginning to soil my trousers, in an unusual metaphorical method. Strike Force does not have sufficient skill to put on killer cards as typically as the UFC, it can still summon up some programs that any hardcore fan need to see. No other company has actually come this far without having severe monetary issues of some sort, and Strike Force reveals no indication of tiredness. They have a strong lineup that will get back at much better in the next year or 2.

Likewise, Strike Force has actually effectively gotten ladies’s mixed martial arts off the ground, something the UFC will possibly never ever mess around into. Strike Force has perhaps among the very best line up of female fighters. I’ll inform you something, “Cyborg” Santos is the last female you wish to call charming. And obviously, there’s the beautiful Gina Carano who has more than her share of “I would enjoy to roll with her … all night long” or “I would let her rear naked choke me, if ya understand what I indicate.” Seriously, possibly the most awaited and crucial battle in female’s Mixed martial arts is in between Santos and Carano, with Strike Force hosting it. Female’s mixed martial arts might not end up being as popular as its male equivalent, however it’s a source that requires to be tapped.

With Dana White hell bent on getting Condition and patting himself on the back for ruining EliteXC, he requires to keep tabs on Scott Coker and his business. Strike Force is the genuine competitor, and they’re merely getting things right without needing to be total jerkoffs. Scott Coker might be the male to beat in a numerous years if Dana White isn’t cautious. I’m personally anticipating terrific things from Strike Force 2010 and beyond, and I personally intend to see terrific battles from huge names under their logo design. Strike Force’s production worth will improve (although it’s okay at all today), and with more profits, they will have the ability to promote greatly along with the UFC. The race is on, and Dana White does not completely understand that Strike Force remains in, well, striking range of getting a huge piece of the mixed martial arts custard pie. Yummy.
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Might the Strike Force Be With You