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Defeating the Pandemic Whereas Decreasing the Ageing Course of Concurrently

Defeating the Pandemic Whereas Decreasing the Ageing Course of Concurrently

The problems on many individuals’s minds lately revolve primarily round defeating the pandemic, adopted intently by busting the ageing course of, creating radiant glowing well being and oozing love-happiness in abundance.

And, surprisingly, the answer to those points are discovered freely accessible –and have been for hundreds of years — however intentionally suppressed by vested pursuits; their strategy to such issues being, from outside-in fairly than Nature’s means of inside-out.

However much more startling is that historical scriptures have been hailing this freely accessible miracle for numerous centuries as in: ‘know the nonetheless small voice inside’ whereas the immortal 5 thousand years previous Bhagavad-Gita places it: ch 2 vs 45 “Be with out the three gunas” (extra on this later).

So, right here we’ve the key of disease-free well being, plentiful love, glowing happiness and age-less consciousness watching us for aeons.

However, sadly, merely studying these life-transformative scriptures isn’t adequate in itself. In different phrases, to have direct expertise of this Potent Elixir, in its purest kind — as meant by the traditional sages – requires a degree of sensible private involvement, as we will see.

So, bear with me, if you’ll, as we develop the total import of those coded tenets that are revealing the age-less secret of how we might receive miraculous well being advantages in our personal lives, at any age, now!

Allow us to set context to each scriptures’ frequent denominator: the technique of contact.

So, for instance: switching off very loud music would depart us sitting in a silent room. Conversely, switching off from hectic ideas or compulsive ‘occupied with’, would depart us silent in thoughts.

So, what is the distinction?

The distinction is: there are two silences present concurrently however which aren’t one and the identical in nature. One is ‘absolute or pure transcendental silence’, the opposite, ‘relative silence’ skilled by way of the absence of outer sounds: one silence is absence of interior noise, the opposite, absence of outer noise, or, one silence is transcendental (well being/non-ageing of mobile physique) the opposite, ‘of this world’ (time/decaying).

Relative silence requires the absence of exterior sound, the opposite, pure transcendental silence, the absence of inside noise (compulsive pondering). In each situations one thing requires to be absent for his or her ‘silence’ expertise.

Thus tuning into both ‘the nonetheless small voice’, or transcending the three Gita gunas, are each referring to gaining direct contact with absolute or transcendental pure silence.

However how can we inform the distinction within the silences?

In different phrases, what distinguishes the silence surrounding psychological dialogue whereas sitting within the quiet room? How can we inform that we’re not listening to a quitter model of lower-ego chattering’s and taking that silence to be the nonetheless small (transcendent) voice?

So, initially – whereas within the spiritually asleep state – the thoughts would not possess adequate pure silence capability and understanding to narrate to ‘the nonetheless small voice’ as a method of experiencing transcendentally, when relating spiritually at this stage could be mental solely.

Previous to religious awakening, outer life occasions, together with relative sound, act as prompts in reminding us of our want of soul evolution from the born-into ‘noise’ state of religious ignorance. Thus the necessity of lived outer noise classes till lastly we settle for the need of gaining pure interior silence as commencement means unto realizing our true inheritance of pure silence or perfected consciousness.

Much like caterpillar metamorphosis into butterfly, we’re every designed for related transformation unto realizing transcendently and utter freedom in bliss consciousness.

To assist make clear which is which: ego chattering or nonetheless small voice, allow us to have a look at the psychological schools at play on this space – nothing sophisticated.

Thoughts versus Mind

First there’s the aware thoughts which perform is to ‘assume’, adopted by human mind, the school which decides: makes selections primarily based on what aware thoughts churns up or thinks.

Throughout religious ignorance – lower-self or carnality stage — the aware thoughts thinks by way of earlier or inherited conditioning and experiences, and, primarily based on that churned up conditioning, the human mind decides on points.

At this stage, because of the shallow restricted pondering capability of the aware thoughts, the mind has not as but been initiated into capacity of discerning spiritually.

Thus, previous to training some type of mind-centring meditation, sadly, the repetitive psychological chatter, whether or not quiet are loud, noble or in any other case, is just regurgitated lower-ego historical past, and, such is what’s blocking cognitive consciousness of the nonetheless small transcendent voice as direct expertise, which means, decrease human mind remains to be answerable for very important determination making – together with well being.

Resolute Mind from irresolute

Very like the butterfly, when our meditation apply has superior considerably then the religious or transcendent mind begins forming, maturing, a dynamic which finally takes over all of our determination making, when irresolute mind turns into Resolute mind.

Whereas this transformation from lower-self functioning into experiential greater Self is going down, the decrease ego character is as if being ‘crucified’ — its content material built-in — thus facilitating growth of affection within the coronary heart chakra the place all revelation of divine nature originates.

Transformation of irresolute mind thus clears the way in which for Resolute mind to perform by way of the center chakra because the nonetheless transcendent voice in each state of affairs, in or out of meditation.

In different phrases, put up soul awakening, the religious mind and coronary heart chakra collectively perform because the Genuine Voice of our soul: steerage in accordance with cosmic customary versus the false ego which functioned by way of legislation of religious ignorance.

Thoughts Growth and Integration

Thus so as to know the Transcendent instantly, thoughts must increase past relative silence, for such is when transcendental silence turns into infused into the very nature of the thoughts, and is how thoughts change into disciplined from questioning into pondering ineffective energy-sapping ideas.

Throughout meditation ideas floor naturally into consciousness for integration. These ideas signify imprints of our most up-to-date historical past. Integration ensures that such imprints do not root to kind future thought-baggage seeds, thus, integration is how growth of aware capability of thoughts develops. It is throughout this integratory course of that lower-self dialogue is more than likely to be heard, however that, such phrases usually are not originating from the nonetheless transcendent voice, which basically is wordless.

After we give it some thought, with out integration the thoughts would accumulate ineffective thought baggage indefinitely. Thus, whereas being the dynamic which expands capability of aware thoughts, integratory silence additionally frees from addictive mind-sets, together with attachment to greed, energy, cash and obsession with materials wealth and management over folks.

On this means, as consciousness expands, compassionate love, youthfulness, inventive insights of a cosmic customary change into our expressional norms.

Thoughts-Silence Acclimatization

If aware thoughts and nervous system haven’t been acclimatized into withstanding pure silence, pure bliss, then typically what’s to the fore is ego-nuanced happiness or mire ideas thus polluting the very important channel-means of realizing God instantly. Thus, as mind-nervous system change into naturally surrendered in psychological stillness, then the thoughts transcends this world of opposites – good-bad, love-hate, like-dislike, me-mine.

Steadily, put up meditation, these very important interior schools change into pure sufficient to replicate tangible divine presence: transmissions of coronary heart chakra love within the type of saturated compassionate calm – when the lake remains to be, the moon displays completely.

As aware thoughts transcends in meditation, it is capability put up meditation to intuit and discern cosmically turns into obvious. When participating everlasting vibration within the type of joyful silence turns into as pure.

On this context, coronary heart chakra awakening unto bliss experiencing is consequent of kundalini rising upwards from the bottom of the backbone initiated by way of pure silence contact.

Triggering kundalini, additional triggers the soul’s 12 interior religious schools – esoterically known as the 12 apostles — thus creating private and international consciousness. In different phrases, with transcendental silence being the only real standards of ‘proper motion’, thus our each motion advantages your entire cosmos and different folks concurrently.


All-knowing consciousness when realized is our Actual True Self: the genuine Nonetheless Voice witnessed as all-pervasive silence-calm as separate from the outer chaotic world of exercise — the calm which by no means turns into ruffled by emotional storms on the lake of life.

The time period ‘small’ voice is to distinguish it from the expansive lower-self conditioning which, by way of ignorance, overpowers and imprisons Transcendent nature, the soul’s unconditional love nature.

Thus the axiom; ‘we can’t specific what we do not possess in consciousness’. In different phrases, we can’t specific unconditional love with out its direct presence in coronary heart.

Secret of plentiful happiness

There’s an excellent scripture which states: “To him that has, extra shall be given, however to him with least, even that shall he lose.” At face worth, this certainly appears grossly unfair. However, on deep reflection, it highlights a cosmic legislation: by expressing the extent of health-happiness which we’ve presently, we obtain extra health-happiness, whereas she/he who would not specific their current health-happiness, loses that degree. As well being, happiness and ageing are interlinked, the smart particular person, for constructing COVID-immunity, specific pure unconditional love and heart-felt peace-vibration at each alternative both outwardly or inward to ourselves.

In different phrases, ‘use it or lose it’.

Thus, expressing love, peace and gratitude in each state of affairs is our surest means of sustaining vibrant well being and youthful consciousness. When finally our consciousness BECOMES ‘the nonetheless transcendent voice, BECOMES love and health-happiness, BECOMEs the embodiment of transcendent ageless silence and everlasting well-being. When our each motion is carried out naturally by way of Immutable Being, You, as God-Consciousness. Illustrating additional how certainly our each motion is deemed ‘proper motion’ — motion in accordance with Divine Legislation.

The Nice Transmutation

In meditation the aware thoughts and 5 lively senses converge into level consciousness – the nonetheless small voice. Via common day by day apply, the thoughts begins retaining this pure point-silence, a convergence ensuing finally in everlasting bliss-consciousness, the Nectar of all meditation.

And although phrases might pop into thoughts throughout meditation, finally the apply is about carnal thoughts integration versus any type of voice-listening.

The peace and self-healing happiness we have every been searching for since start exists already inside as pure silence and is definitely realized by transcending day by day.

Meditation is about establishing steadiness of mind and transcendental consciousness concurrently, when spontaneous Silence displays completely as everlasting current second consciousness.

As ‘Transcendent Silence’ lies past the vary frequency of the human thoughts, mind and senses, might I counsel the next strategy of transcendence into pure silence.

Be seated, and recite the sacred mantra Aum or Om quietly inside. Lengthen Aum vibration for five/6 seconds, then pause for five/6 seconds after every recital. Proceed this recite-pause sequence for at the very least ten minutes constructing as much as twenty minutes day by day after a number of days, then twice day by day thereafter. This day by day apply approach represents “be with out the three gunas” in Bhagavad-Gita talked about earlier, which means, transcend the legal guidelines of nature, that are Sattva, Rajas and Tamas – which means, being out of their affect day by day in meditation.

Steadily, the good transmutation from lower-ego-voice unto pure Transcendent Silence takes place as a matter in fact. When ageless, disease-free consciousness is skilled as separate from outer exercise or, as Heaven inside.—Primordial-Sound-of-Creation-and-the-Scriptures&id=9836137

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#Defeating #Pandemic #Decreasing #Ageing #Course of #Concurrently

Defeating the Pandemic Whereas Decreasing the Ageing Course of Concurrently

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