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Apple Of God’s Eye, A Love Letter From God

Apple Of God’s Eye, A Love Letter From God

” May the God of peace, who through the blood of the everlasting covenant restored from the dead our Lord Jesus, that excellent Shepherd of the sheep, equip you with whatever great for doing his will, and might he operate in us what is pleasing to him, through Jesus Christ, to whom be magnificence for ever and ever. Amen” (Hebrews 13:20 -21 NIV).

My Prayer

Talk To me O’ Spirit of God. Jesus let me hear Your tender voice today. I look outdoors and the trees leak with fresh rain. The ground is filled in preparation to free concealed seeds into their fate of charm and scent. A thick heavy existence of wetness awaits the air. A covey of geese flies over and do not keep their appreciation at the faint whispers of spring charming them, calling them to come house from their southern journey. Fresh buds are starting to launch their very first looks of green after the dark brown and grey of winter season. Birds are singing tunes of brand-new love amongst the tinkling of my wind chimes.

Every where brand-new life emerges, flaunting its elegance, its hope, its pledge. My heart which has so much to be grateful for discovers itself a bit despondent for the accuser of the brethren has actually made an effort to cloud the amazing charm of my life, desiring me to think that I am far from You my Lord. I understand this is not so. I lay my misgivings at Your feet and crawl up in Your lap, Your accept. I lay my ear versus the whipping of Your heart. I hold on to you My Lord (Deut. 30:20 Psalms 111:31). Talk to Me. I will hear Your voice and not follow another.

His Response:

I Will Not Keep Myself

Valuable one, desire of My heart, I do not and will not keep Myself from you today. Open your heart and hear My voice. Keep a tight grip on Me. Never ever let Me go. You are the pleasure of My extremely being. I pursue you with a long lasting love. Yes, I remain in pursuit of you and I will not stop, no never. And I will not let go for I never ever leave or abandon you.

My grip is safe and secure, purchased with valuable blood. If I didn’t believe you worth it, I would not have actually paid such a high rate. Every financial investment of discomfort and suffering I withstood will have its ideal work launching the designated advantages in your life. What I started, I will bring and end up to complete conclusion (Hebrews 6:1).

Let Persistence Have Its Perfect Work

I see what you can not see. You should remember this and be client, keeping your eyes on Me (James 1:4). Even if you do not feel it, see it, does not indicate it isn’t there. Faith is the compound of things wished for and the proof of things not seen (Heb. 11). This is something you understand however require a mild tip of. Have faith and understand I have actually not altered how I feel about you or My prepare for you.

The actions of an exemplary guy are purchased by Me (Prov. 20:24). I understand your coming and preceding ever a breath is taken at each dawning of a brand-new day.

I am here My love to let you understand I am envious for you and will not let you reside in winter season amongst the abundance of brand-new life emerging all over. Even minutes of winter season are just indicated to be depositories of preparation, not an everlasting habitation. Winter season is previous, spring has actually come.

My Word Does Not Return Space

I am hovering over you, around you with a thick heavy existence, saturating, hydrating the dry parts of your heart. Speak My name, Jesus, over and over till you pick up the oil of Paradise saturating your extremely being. I am imparting My extremely essence, like dews of freshness on tender yard. Like the yard you should soak up every particle of who I am.

This is done by concurring with Me and not with the contrary ideas of your accuser. He is a phony and the daddy of lies from the start. There is no reality in Him.

Like a flaming arrow, an arrow of love and flexibility, I send My word to permeate to the extremely depths of your being and it achieves the function for which I send it (Isaiah 55: 10-12). Open your self to Me today. Due to the fact that of your own failings (Hebrews 4:7), do not solidify your heart. Keep in mind, I forgive, clean and eliminate all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). React to My words as I have actually reacted to the noise of your voice speaking My name. You will be surprised as your home perseveres upon the Rock (Matthew 7:24).

You Are My Fantastic Love

Cherished, let Me like on you today as just I can and release. Confess what we understand to the reality. You are My preferred one. I understand it however in some way you have actually forgotten just how much this is so. Do not compare yourself to others and what they are or are refraining from doing. This supplies definitely no advantage to advance in Me or in My functions for you. I might like you no greater than I currently do, no matter what is achieved or not achieved.

I have actually made numerous statements in My Word regarding how I feel and what I state you are. You are the apple of My eye (Zech 2:8). To put it simply, you are the center of what I see when My eyes are open and they are constantly open. Keep in mind, I never ever sleep or sleep (Psalm 121:4). As a matter of truth, I supervise you while you sleep with an impassioned anticipation whipping in My heart at the idea of your waking. In some cases the anticipation is so excellent that I can’t wait so I talk to you in dreams (Task 33:14 -16). Being with you is My biggest desire. You are My excellent love.

You Are My Oak Of Righteousness

Cherished when, I take a look at you, which is all the time, I see a tree, an oak of righteousness planted besides My streams (Psalms 1:1 -3 Isaiah 61:3). You are leaking with the fresh rain of My existence and will not whither. My magnificence is all around you like a thick, thick fog. The light of Paradise is dancing across in the beams of sunshine permeating the wetness packed air around you. Like the covey of geese flying through the air singing a jubilant, rapturous tune of coming spring, I sing over you My love. I am rustling through the wind chimes of your heart, singing a bird tune of brand-new love.

Brand-new development is emerging in your life. One day you keep an eye out and the trees from a remote appear brown yet they are bristling with brand-new buds of life indiscernible to the eye. Next thing you understand, they are a plentiful screen of green. It is with you. Modification your understanding and do not base it on what you see or do not see, for I have actually made all things brand-new. I take every misgiving and change them with pledge. Have a heart of appreciation and gratitude. Approach for I am near.

Show and Journal: Like me I make sure you have actually remained in this location previously. Take a while to contemplate the above words of love from the Daddy. The triggers below are simply ideas. React to them if you are feeling stirred by other ideas. Take the day, the minute. He is near.

1. What misgivings do you need lay at His feet? Discover a pledge in the Word the reverse of your misgiving and contemplate it. Compose what He motivates you with.

2. Have you taken your eyes off of Him and concentrated on your situations, and even on your sensations. Faith is not based upon sensations or what we can see. It is based upon the everlasting constant God. Assess this and journal your ideas.

3. Ask Him to reveal you any locations where you may have solidified your heart based upon your own failings or unmet satisfied self-expectations. Launch all to the one who thrills at the simple reference of His name.

4. You are His excellent love, His preferred one. Let these words sink in and change your thinking. Indulge in His existence and compose Him a letter of love and love.

Apple Of God’s Eye, A Love Letter From God